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AKC Hunting Tests

Retriever hunting rests evaluate a dog's hunting and retrieving abilities. The dog's ability to perform is judged against a standard of perfection established by the AKC regulations; theoretically, every dog can be a winner!

Dogs receiving qualifying scores at a number of tests achieve titles of Junior Hunter (J.H.), Senior Hunter (S.H.) and Master Hunter (M.H.); each successive title requires more skill. If you have a good hunting dog, you probably would be able to earn a Junior Hunter title with only a moderate amount of work. Your success in hunting tests should lead you further into the sport.

For more information on the rules and regulations of hunt tests, visit the AKC web site.

Local Hunting Tests

The Fairbanks Retriever Club currently hosts two AKC licensed hunt tests each summer. Information on current and past events is available through Entry Express.

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